SME's vs. Big Corporations

I have been thinking a lot lately about how service based  SME's can compete in a market against larger and sometime unethical corporations who will simply outgun through economies of scale (e.g. purchasing power & operational gearing) to grab market share. I think the answer is simple... become maniacal about the service you deliver, deliver it with integrity and enjoy what you do, your passion will become infectious!

Our best moments are when delighted customers are giving us high fives and warm smiles  because we have solved their problem rather than when the BACs payment hits the account a few days later...

Other benefits of using SME's are that you are far more likely to be serviced by a stakeholder rather than a heavily incentivised employee paid bonus on average transnational value. At PestPro we will up-sell but more importantly we would down-sell as and when the situation demanded this. This is to provide customers with the best level of service at the best price as our reputation is far more important than a quick mark up. We might not be able to offer the same price as the biggest players but our quality of service and our care for your business would supersede this.
We pride ourselves on our referral rate.

The Customer Value Equation defines value as: what customers receive relative to what they pay.
Therefore (think about this academically) paying the smaller SME can result in better value for money with stakeholders who would 'feel it' just as much as you would should a problem reoccur or a service fail to deliver.

SME's also have an unseen advantage, the proprietors have to become experts in their field covering all aspects of a business to incl Marketing, HR, Operations, Accounting, their main occupational discipline, product knowledge, innovation  and most importantly customer service. Therefore the person in front of you would have far more breadth & depth with a full understanding of their capabilities versus the task at hand.

Finally making the right decision would support both the local & national economy rather than constantly seeing large companies using complex tax law and their international bases to unethically reduce their liabilities.

We are a pest control business but more importantly we are a people business.

Next time you are considering a SME vs. the big corporation hopefully I have given you some food for thought.

Thank you for reading this.