Pigeon proof your roof

Solar panels are a ready made home for nests offering birds 'lottery win' style shelter and protection along with the  "birds eye" view that is a standard requirement. They are also not very good at paying rent...:)

Fortunately there are well proven remedies for protection namely solar mesh and solar bird spikes. A human sentry tends to be cost prohibitive...

Problems they can cause:
  • Damage to cables and panels
  • Bird droppings which are infectious to people
  • Fire risk
  • Blocking gutters
  • Falling down chimneys, happened to me and became a major problem
  • Bird dropping can also seriously inhibit solar panel efficiency
We ensure birds are humanely encouraged to lodge elsewhere whilst ensuring all work is done to a very high standard and that solar panel warranties are not voided.

All panels are cleaned thoroughly using pure water and all gutters vacuumed before we leave.

All work guaranteed and prices are very competitive